SWR 03 Sanitary Napkin Disposal

SWR 03 Sanitary Napkin Disposal

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The SWR 03 Sanitary Napkin Disposal is constructed of stainless steel with a piano flap. They are basically created for women to provide clean & better life. They can be used in girls schools, colleges, offices, airports, railway stations, etc. They are used to properly dispose of the used napkins in the hygienic way. They also helps us in preventing clogging of drains system. They are Eco friendly as the used napkins are converted into sterile ash. The cabinet have a capacity of upto 4.6 Liters & are available at pocket friendly price.

Key Feature of SWR 03 Sanitary Napkin Disposal

  • Cabinet 18-8, type-304, stainless steel
  • Capacity : 4.6 Liters
Equipped with full-length stainless steel piano flap