NGR S02 Swing Nylon Grab Bar

NGR S02 Swing Nylon Grab Bar

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The NGR S02 Swing Nylon Grab Bar is swing based bar. These grab bars are fixed to the wall & used as an additional supporting element for the handicapped or differently disabled people. These bars can be swing up and down according to there usage. This provides an additional functionality that it can be swing up when not in used. These bars save a lot of space in the washroom or toilets regions. They are made up of good quality of stainless steel. Further they are they are coated with an anti bacterial & anti corrosion white nylon coating that protects them from corrosion. These bars once mounted onto the wall can withstand huge amount of weight.

Key Features of NGR S02 Swing Nylon Grab Bar

35 mm Thickness Stainless Steel Tube Coated with Anti-Bacterial/ Anti-Corrosion White Nylon

  • Application: Washroom Area
  • Diameter: 35mm
  • Dimension : 600mm