Kinox KUF Automatic Urinal Concealed Sensor

Kinox KUF Automatic Urinal Concealed Sensor

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Kinox KUF Automatic Urinal Concealed Sensor are wall mounted. They come with self flush system and are easily mounted on a wall. They are battery operated and are fully automatic. They have an infrared sensor that keeps track of  movement further it has a long range sensing upto 40-70 cms. It saves water and power as it is powered by 4xAA battery and are best for green building. It helps to keep the toilet clean and away the foul odor.

Key Features of Kinox KUF Automatic Urinal Concealed Sensor

(Battery Operated)
Operation :

Pre & Post Self Flush Infra Red Sensor

Water Output :
0.5L - 1L/ flush

Intelligent Technology

Sensing Range -

Mount- Wall Mounted

Battery Operated : 4xAA Duracell

  • 66% Water Saving Mechanism
  • Equipped for Green Building


  • Ceramic Urinal with Sensor
  • Self-Flush: It will flush automatically through infrared detection units.
  • Water Saving: It will flush one or two sections intelligently as per its different
  • Sanitation: When one leaves detection zone, the machine will flush automatically.
  • Efficient cleaning makes us convenient and hygienic, which prevent us from mutual bacteria infections.
  • Intelligence: It is controlled by micro computer and self adjust detection zone. No need to manual adjustment.
  • Low Power Consumption: Its 4 AA alkaline batteries can be used for two years at 150 cycles a day.
  • Against Foul Odor: It will flush automatically every 24 hours if it hasnot been occupied, which can avoid foul order around room when the trap is dry.

Other Features:

  • Infrared Sensor
  • Hygiene
  • Less Power Consumption
  • Pre and Post Flush
  • Equipped for Green Building
  • Color: Star White