EW 01 Urinal Toilet Flusher

EW 01 Urinal Toilet Flusher

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The EW 01 Urinal Toilet Flusher keeps your washroom hygienic & tidy. They come with a facility of automatic & manual flushing system. They have a infrared sensor that tracks the movement infront of the toilet. If a movement is detected it senses it and then activates the flush thus making the touch free interface  This helps in keeping the toilets neat an d clean. Further they can be operated on electrical power and an additional battery power is provided in case of  power cut. They are helpful in saving the water and has a sensing range of 20cms.

Key Feature of EW 01 Urinal Toilet Flusher

Operation: Automatic + Manual Infra-Red Sensor

Water Output : 3 L ~ 4 L / flush Intelligent Technology

Sensing Range : 10 - 20 cm

Dual Operation : Electrical + Battery


  • 4 x AA Duracell Batteries
  • 66% Water Saving
  • Equipped for Green Building