EU02P Exposed Urinal Flusher

EU02P Exposed Urinal Flusher

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EU02P Exposed Urinal Flusher are automatic flush systems. They have a very big role in keeping the urinal pots clean and hygienic. When a user uses the toilet the infrared sensor automatically detects his body heat or movement. After he finishes & walks away the sensor detects it and activates the flush mechanism. They are completely automatic with intelligent technology. They have a sensing range upto 20cms. Further they save water and helps in keeping the washroom neat and tidy.

Key Feature of EU02P Exposed Urinal Flusher

Operation : Automatic Infra-Red Sensor

Water Output : 0.5 L ~ 1 L / flush Intelligent Technology

Sensing Range: 10 “ 20 cm


  • 4 x AA Duracell Batteries 66% Water Saving
  • Equipped for Green Building