ET10SLR Solar Operated Tap

ET10SLR Solar Operated Tap

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The ET10SLR Solar Operated Tap has an inbuilt photoelectric device installed in it. They convert the artificial indoor light into electric power that can make this device work efficiently. Further they have an additional battery power source incase of emergencies or when the outer light is not sufficient enough. These taps have sensors that control the flow of water when we put our hand under the tap. They help in saving the water and have a sensing range upto 10 to 20 cms.

Key Feature of ET10SLR Solar Operated Tap

  • Dual Operation: Photoelectric + Battery Infra-Red Sensor Uses Artificial indoor light for operations
  • Water Output : 1.5 L ~ 2.0 L / min
  • Sensing Range: 10 - 20 cm
  • Battery : 4 x AA Duracell Equipped for Green Building