ET 06L Counter Mount Sensor Tap

ET 06L Counter Mount Sensor Tap

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The ET 06L Counter Mount Sensor Tap have elegant design and perfect finish. They can be used in washrooms to provide a professional look and feel. These taps are fitted with a sensor that continuously detects for any motion. When you put hands under the tap it detects your hand motion and trigger the water supply thus acts as a touch free interface. It also shut off the water supply when you remove your hands and save the precious water. They have infrared sensors that can be powered using electricity or 4 X AA batteries. They are also being used in green building these days.

Key Feature of  ET06L Counter Mount Sensor Tap

  • Water Output : 1.5 L ~ 2.0 L / min. Intelligent Technology
  • Sensing Range: 10 - 20 cm
  • Dual Operation: Electrical + Battery
  • Battery : 4 x AA Duracell Equipped for Green Building