EA03 Fragrance Dispenser

EA03 Fragrance Dispenser

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The EA03 Fragrance Dispenser are used in homes, commercially, in  restrooms, They emit fragrance and primarily used to eliminate the bad odor. They can also be used as air freshener because of there pleasant fragrance they emit. We make dispensers that are constructed of polycarbonate ABS casing. They are programmed digitally and can be schedule for weakly off. They have a 110ML refill that is easily replaceable. Further they are available in different fragrance and is operated on 2 X C size battery.

Key Feature of EA03 Fragrance Dispenser

  • Construction: Polycarbonate ABS Casing
  • Operation: Digital Programing - Automatic
  • Battery: 2 x C Size Duracell
  • Interval Time Spray : 1 - 99 Mins (Weakly off option)
  • Suitable Refill Can: 110ML
  • Color: White*** Choice of Fragrances Available