Basin Mount Sensor Tap

Basin Mount Sensor Tap

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The Basin Mount Sensor Taps are best used in washrooms that have consistent high traffic of people. They are sufficient for areas such as airports, railway station, bus stands, public toilets etc. They are automatic and provide a touch free interface. Further they help in saving the water as these areas require a lot of water as compared to homes. They have an inbuilt sensor that can detect the motion and thus triggering the water flow. It is powered from electric as well as from 4 X AA batteries. They have a sensing range upto 10 to 20 cms.

Key Feature of ET 04 Basin Mount Sensor Tap

  • Water Output : 1.5 L ~ 2.0 L / min. Intelligent Technology
  • Sensing Range: 10 - 20 cm
  • Dual Operation: Electrical + Battery
  • Battery Operated :- 4 x AA Duracell Equipped for Green Building